“Secret Superstar” Causes a Sensation

Release Date:Oct/18/2017
Advait Chandan
Aamir Khan、Zaira Wasim、Meher Vij

Viola's Rating:8.5

Nowadays, people make videos on their own and upload to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc., and with some luck, talented jades turn into superstars. Bollywood celebrated actor and director Aamir Khan digs into a fictional story of an internet sensation and some other issues in his latest feature film “Secret Superstar”.

This dramatic, family musical talks about the story of Insia, a 14 year-old girl from Vadodara, who dreams of being a singer one day. However, her dad is vastly authoritarian and doesn’t like her playing the guitar and singing. She ends up figuring out a solution to produce videos without revealing her identity wearing burka.

When Aamir Khan acts in and backs a film, everyone knows that it’s going to be admirable. Famous for “3 Idiots”, “Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India” and “Like Stars on Earth”, Khan brings sensitive matters common in India to the big screen along with his TV show “Truth Alone Triumphs”. Even though “Secret Superstar” was directed by director Advait Chandan, not Khan himself, the audience is certain that the quality is assured. As the leading actor, Khan isn’t put in the beginning of the credit, and the big name brought up in the flick isn’t him, either. His humble self makes his stardom even more awe-inspiring.

“Secret Superstar” is all-embracing artistic and full of creative twists that enhance the atmosphere of an inspirational story. However, there are some parts of the plot tend toward clichés and cinematic tropes which can possibly cut the amusements, but even so, the motion picture isn’t degraded at all. The characters and performances supply the emotions and thus take over moviegoers’ hearts by degrees.

Feminism has been a core subject matter in many of Khan’s movies, for example the first episode of “Truth Alone Triumphs” female abortion. “Secret Superstar” also concerns suppression female receives from family and society in India, and at the same time, it celebrates the virtue of fighting for one’s rights and pursuing one’s dreams.

Besides the topics mentioned in the picture, as director Chandan’s debut work, “Secret Superstar” has the most amazing framework to start with. Attractive music as an awesome Bollywood feature film always has, brilliant performances and decent writing which completes as a whole.

All in all, “Secret Superstar” is a compelling film with brilliant elements and ingredients as recipe and Aamir Khan and director Chandan as cook. It makes its audience cry and laugh easily and naturally, and the beautiful song in the soundtrack makes 150-minute feel brief. “Secret Superstar” causes a sensation in moviegoers’ hearts just like its titular character.

Picture Credit: IMDb


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