“Good Time” Gives You a Good Time

Release Date:Aug/25/2017
DirectorBenny Safdie、Josh Safdie
CastRobert Pattinson、Jennifer Jason Leigh、Barkhad Abdi、Taliah Webster
Viola's Rating:8.3

Known for acting in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” which his character dies, mediocre “Remember Me” and “Twilight”, a feature film that even its own crew degrade and everyone’s happy the franchise’s over, Robert Pattinson finally landed a role in “Good Time” that’s not only critically acclaimed but also called his best performance ever.
This criminal and dramatic thriller presents its audience a story about how a bank robber, Connie (Robert Pattinson), spends a night trying to free his mentally ill brother, Nick, from being sent to Riker's Island prison after their heist goes wrong.
Related to crimes, the ambience of “Good Time” is built with acid rock and electronic music in the background, and the psychedelic atmosphere the adrenaline-filled film produces serves as the “mind-blower” within 100 minutes.

Directors Benny and Josh Safdie utilized a bunch of close-up shots to create a vastly intimidating vibe. They’re close enough that moviegoers can feel the dilemma and emotion Connie goes through and the pain he’s enduring. These shots also show the audience the tremendous tension between characters and within Connie’s situation. Nevertheless, those close-ups are the testimony to Pattinson’s amazing acting skills.
With the flick title painted red and white like Ted Talk, the color in “Good Time” isn’t very dynamic, but only those that make you nervous. As an R-rated motion picture, bloody red appears several times and neon shows up on not only the title but also the street signs in the movie.
While Connie is trying everything to “rescue” Nick, he steps into a darker and deeper world. Every move he makes contains a lot of risks, and Pattinson demonstrated the anxiety perfectly through his body movement and eye contact.
Talking about acting skills, director Benny Safdie played Nick himself, and although there aren’t many shots after Nick got arrested, depicting someone mentally ill isn’t easy at all, and Benny delivered his performance well and brought the character alive.

With a simple core value: unconditional love, “Good time” displays the brotherhood between Connie and Nick, and clearly portrayed how much a brother’s willing to sacrifice for his beloved brother, no matter what it costs to achieve the goal.
Besides the awesome acting, the plot is tight and well-knitted with different unanticipated characters and the choices Connie makes along the way. Even though they aren’t legal decisions, the audience can empathize with him and root for him through his journey during the night.
Although “Good time” isn’t a happy movie, it gives you touching moments of bottom life and unexpected twists within merely 100 minutes.
Picture Credit: IMDb


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