Get More Than One Charlie Hunnam Work

Release DateJun/02/2017
DirectorJames Gray
CastCharlie Hunnam 、 Robert Pattinson 、 Sienna Miller 、 Tom Holland
Viola's Rating:7.7

Coming before the classic reboot “King Arthur: Legend of Sword”, there’s another feature film played by Charlie Hunnam that’s worth seeing, that is “The Lost City of Z” which was released on April 14.
Based on the 2009 book of the same name by David Grann, this adventurous, biographical and historic action film describes a true-life drama, centering on British explorer Col. Percival Fawcett (Charlie Hunnam), who disappeared while searching for a mysterious city in the Amazon in the 1920s.
Produced by Plan B Entertainment, the same crew that made “World War Z”, and the title itself might mislead people to a “zombie flick” concept. In fact, it not only is far from zombie, such unrealistic (we hope) stuff, but also a very inspiring expedition. Originally, Brad Pitt was going to portray Fawcett, just as when he produced “World War Z”, but he ended up dropping out because of schedule conflict. Benedict Cumberbatch was on the list once, but also dropped out due to schedule conflict. From the result of the motion picture and Hunnam’s ambiance he expressed in “King Arthur: Legend of Sword”, he’s definitely one of the best suitable actors to star Fawcett.

Besides Hunnam, the cast of the movie is full of heroes if not super. Fawcett’s fellow explorer was played by Robert Pattinson, and his son, who vanished into void in the jungle with Fawcett, was portrayed by the new spider-man, Tom Holland.
Although the audience anticipates Fawcett’s disappearance since “The Lost City of Z” is based on a true story, the excitement and nervousness throughout Fawcett’s journey are no less than a fictional story. The Amazons Fawcett meets and befriends with in the picture and the either happy or hazardous situations he faces in the jungle all capture moviegoers’ attention and make them feel the tension together with Fawcett.
However, there are some elements in the feature film that could be emphasized a little bit more such as Fawcett’s family background. In the film, officials of Royal Geographical Society told Fawcett that even with the danger comes along with the expedition; Fawcett could restore his family’s good name if he succeeds. A minor detail it is, but with some explanation, the audience could get a clearer picture of the reason why no matter how well Fawcett was on the battlefield, he could never earn a higher position.
All in all, even though it’s like a history textbook sharing stories, “The Lost City of Z” isn’t boring at all. On the contrast, it gives you an 140-minute adventure, and with the charming Charlie Hunnam bid thee farewell when we don’t know if he finds the Lost City of Z or not.
Photo Credit: IMDb


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