Dangal! Dangal!

Release Date:Dec/21/2016
DirectorNitesh Tiwari
CastAamir Khan、Sakshi Tanwar、Fatima Sana Shaikh
Viola's Rating:8.6

After “PK”, a feature film criticizing India’s religious culture, dubbed as “India’s conscience”, Indian actor, also director, producer and singer, Aamir Khan released his latest film “Dangal” bringing one of the biggest problems to people in India: sexism. 
Based on the true story of Geeta Phogat (Fatima Sana Shaikh), the first Indian female wrestler to win at the 2010 Commonwealth Games and her sister Babita Kumari, this biological sporty action drama talks about the story how two wrestler daughters struggle towards glory at the Commonwealth Games in the face of societal oppression in India along with their father, former wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat (Aamir Khan). 

Something amazing to notice about Aamir Khan is that he gained 22 kilograms for the flick. Originally, director Nitesh Tiwari wanted to shoot chronologically, but Aamir Khan protested claiming that if he ends shooting with him in the shape of old Phogat, he’ll never be able to lose weight again. Therefore, he gained 22 kilos first, and then built up his muscled body in five months.
From “Like Stars on Earth”, “3 Idiots”, “PK” to “Dangal”, Aamir Khan calls attention to subjects he cares about such as education, religions and sexual discrimination, and in his TV talk show “Truth Alone Triumphs”, he even draws attention to sensitive social issues. The title of the first episode of first season was “Daughters are precious” discussing female feticide in India and the problems it is responsible. Apparently, sexism is one of the matters that Aamir Khan worries about the most. 
Not only focusing on gender subject matter, the corruption of public servants and frustration athletes in India receives are also brought up. Although Geeta and Babita’s father was a national champion, he couldn’t get his country’s support to develop more possibilities in winning medals for India. Also, not if Mahavir is good at wrestling himself and open-minded, despite Geeta and Babita have talent wrestling, they probably would never have the chance playing international games. 
However, the motion picture shows the bright side as well. The advanced and modern Sports Authority of India show how Indian government raises more awareness to sports. Yet it aroused some controversy as a result of the adjustments made for entertainment that are not truth and negative to the image of SAI.
Without a bunch of dancing shots Indian movies usually contain, “Dangal” tells an inspirational story with the most touching way. As “wrestling” in Hindi, “Dangal” gathers the energy and power of this artistic sports and turn them into a three-hour ecstasy with the Phogat sisters and their legendary father.
Picture credit: IMDb


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