“Lady Bird”: Where Home Is, Where Heart Is

Release Date:Dec/01/2017
Greta Gerwig
Saoirse Ronan、Laurie Metcalf、Tracy Letts、Lucas Hedges、Beanie Feldstein

Viola's Rating:8.7

Adolescence might be tough for some people, and growing up is always full of good and bad memories. We don’t really need another “coming-of-age” feature film recently; not an archetypal work discussing mom-and-daughter issue, “Lady Bird” presents us the actual life a family normally has and teaches us a lesson on December 1, 2017.

Set as a comedian drama, “Lady Bird” is not afraid to show you the ugliness of the titular character’s family because it’s in every family, but at the same time, just because it feels so authentic and familiar, you laugh along and smile at the conditions happen in the film. The plot is mainly about an artistically ambitious seventeen-year-old girl, Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson, comes of age in Sacramento, California in 2002.

In the trailer, we see many scenes of Lady Bird and her mom arguing, but the flick is actually much tender than that. It focuses on not only the confrontation, disappointment and frustration a parent and an offspring might have, but also the considerate, intimate and sweet things they do to each other. Not every daughter has such intense fight with her mom, but there are so many details in the motion picture that every daughter can relate to.

Addition to the interaction between Lady Bird and her mom, “Lady Bird” also mentions how academic performances, friendship and love stories develop at high school and affect students’ lives. It seems that the movie wants to talk too much at a time, but actually it balances pretty successfully by connecting all the materials through “home”.

Dialogues in “Lady Bird” are bright, simple and not abstract; they’re all clear enough to let the audience know that we usually ask more from our family members than our friends, lovers or even strangers. There’s no right or wrong, but the picture reminds us to pay more attention to our beloved ones. “Love and attention” are considered as the same thing in “Lady Bird” and apparently that’s the theme.

“Every family goes through its problems”, and people tend to forget about it. Nobody says growing up is easy, but even though it’s bittersweet, it’s worth it, and it’ll become something to remember. Everything we experience will turn into the soil we absorb nutrients from. After all, pain is for people to taste while happiness should be swallowed.

“Lady Bird” guides moviegoers along the protagonist’s last months in high school with little details such as rebellious adolescence, daddy’s little girl, mom-and-daughter talk etc. Eventually, both its audience and character knows that “Where home is, where heart is.

Picture Credit: IMDb


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