“Deadpool 2”: An R-rated Funny “Family” Film

Release Date:May/18/2018
David Leitch
Ryan Reynolds、Josh Brolin、Brianna Hildebrand、T.J. Miller、Terry Crews

Viola's Rating:8.1

Only three weeks after “Avengers: Infinity War” was released, Marvel Studios couldn’t wait to release another popular character’s individual feature film. Hyped as if it’s a “normal” superhero film, being R-rated again, “Deadpool 2” decreases neither its bloody, gruesome scenes nor its trash-talk, and as a result, it comes out just as good as the first episode.

Even though Deadpool always says the genre of his own flick is family, we all know that it’s an adventurous action comedy about the foul-mouthed mutant mercenary Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), aka Deadpool, brings together a team of fellow mutant rogues and recruits some new teammates to protect a young boy of supernatural abilities from the brutal, time-traveling mutant, Cable.

Before “Deadpool 2” was officially released, videos of him interacting with Celine Dion, David Beckham and Hugh Jackman went viral. There are more interesting cameos in the motion picture waiting for you to discover, and since Wilson was recruited to a new team of X-men by Wolverine, “Deadpool 2” can be seen as the introduction of Wilson’s affiliation “X-Force”. Audience gets familiar with these new characters more in this episode, and according to Ryan Reynolds, the lone Deadpool will appear in the future franchise with his team.

Cussing much less than its previous movie, “Deadpool 2” somehow matches “family” genre a little bit more. Besides, due to Wilson’s own moral regulations and in order to protect the young boy, Russell, Deadpool behaves much more mature than he usually does. As for his standard, I guess you can call it a “family” picture.

Known as the only hero, or anti-hero, who knows that he’s in the feature film and breaks the fourth wall all the time, Wilson doesn’t talk to moviegoers as much as he did last time, but he still murmurs, which is one of the most appealing parts of watching “Deadpool 2”.

From what occurs before the opening credits to the closing credits, punchlines are everywhere. From Director David Leitch’s John Wick to the blind character “Blind Al”, a lot can be found in minute details, and many of the punchlines in “Deadpool 2” don’t surround Wilson, but Dopinder, the taxi driver introduced to the audience in the last episode and Cable, the new character. Last but not least, as usual, Ryan Reynolds is made fun of in the film on both his Canadian identity and the poor Green Lantern experience.

Even if you follow rules strictly like Captain America or Colossus, “Deadpool 2” won’t make you uncomfortable, just about as awkward as the first episode, and if you love his trash-talk, you’re most welcomed to meet his new affiliation “X-Force” since “Deadpool 2” is a wonderful family flick.

Picture Credit: IMDb


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